At 21 years old, living in Los Angeles, I found myself sick of the city, the people, my life and needed to get out.  I got on a plane bound for Italy in a town I’d never heard of called, Torino where I planned to spend the summer teaching English and taking photographs.  Three years later I had built an incredible life for myself, creating, living, learning, loving while photographing and journaling about it all;  The curiosity of discovering a new city, the seeds of inspiration that are put into an image, the experiences of love that led me there.  After moving back to LA, at 27 years old, I pulled out a box with my journals that I kept from this time in Italy, and began editing and piecing together all of the text and images until, CIAO LA came to be. A photographic memoir of a young American girl searching for understanding in a world that doesn’t make much sense.

The coming of age challenges faced by young women in their late teens and twenties is relatively unexplored territory in modern literature, and I am hoping to help fill that void.

I have produced sample copies for presentation purposes which are available upon request HERE