Page 277 & 279


15/2/03 Budapest is a depressing city.  The winter is cold & dark.  A grey blanket covers the city, but there’s no warmth.  People walk with their faces tucked into jacket collars, partly for warmth, partly to hide.  Davide and I hang out at his place going out to walk his dog and grab a hot cider.

Fighting with Davide in the middle of the streets of Budapest for impossible affections.  The air was cold, but not as cold as he was.  I turn around and run as far away in the opposite direction, anywhere but here.  The streets are covered in ice, I’m slippin.

Finally leaving this tortured existence I put myself through.  Masochistic ignorance.  Abandoning myself to the fucking devil.  NO MORE.  Wasted tears, wasted breath.

There’s nothing to show for a few days past, that are never gonna last, so just let it go.


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