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7/4/02 I should start to think about what I like, I’m beginning to forget.  Nature in the daytime, city at night.  Should I move to Paris?  So much going on all at once.  Almost 23 years old.  I thought by now it would have all worked itself out.  Livin in a dream world, thinking up someone else’ dream. 

listening to Cypress Hill.  feeling like shit.  People traveling in Packs.  Everyone’s trying to be different in the same way. 

3/5/02 Volunteering at the gallery, thinking of other ways I could make use of my time… Taking fotos, reading, smoking less.  I hope Davide comes here tonight.  Enjoying his company might become the demise of me.

Tonight I left without kissing anybody goodbye and felt uncomfortable, as if I had broken some Italian law.  It’s just that sometimes I want to be out when I’m ready to go and saying goodbye here can take a half an hour.  That’s kind of the beautiful think about Italy at the same time, people are so engaged that it takes them time to pull away.

I forgot what poetry was for… not just a vague explanation of thought existing in double meanings, it’s for Love.


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