At 21 years old I was living in Los Angeles working three jobs and barely getting by while I watched myself neglecting two of the things that mattered most to me, making art and being in love.  My relationship was slipping away, or maybe it was more me that was slipping away, away into an abyss of major depression.  Out of more desperation than courage, I decided a change was in need and within a week found a job and moved to Italy for the summer.  The summer turned into three years of photographing, writing and most importantly living.

Each page of intimate photographs and writing illustrate the romanticism and heartbreak, the self-deprecation and self-awareness that one goes through as they transition into being an adult.  Each experience left an everlasting impression and an indelible mark on my evolution as an artist and a woman.  Throughout each page readers will  feel as if they know this girl and some might even feel as though this could be their story- They could be this young woman navigating the precipice of self-discovery.